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Setting land and people up for ecological and economical success.

Econic’s commercial-scale growing systems produce top quality greens even in the most restricted climates and land conditions. Our innovative mobile pod operations along with expert cannabis and vegetable growers allow for optimized production and financial returns for the long-term. A key focus on First Nation collaborations brings underutilized but valuable land and human resources to life.

Our current pod operations are located in First Nation communities and are set up for the collective good. We work, succeed and are stronger together. It’s just like the arrow: one on its own can be broken but if you have a whole quiver, it will never break.
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Wade Eno | CEO, Econic

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Econic Pod Projects.

With great respect for Mother Earth, Econic pods are designed for high sustainability and low footprint.

Mobile and efficient, they can be moved to remote or inefficient areas but will never disrupt sacred lands.  Econic pods don’t emit any light pollution so do not disrupt frogs, birds, or any species.  They also use very little water and what water they do require is reusable.  All operations can quickly expand in response to market demand.

The prolific cannabis crops benefit from the combined expertise of Econic’s noted master growers.  Strains are chosen from amongst the best in the world and the latest technology is used to monitor and control temperature, humidity, microbials, insects, etc.

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First Nation leaders from LOUIS BULL, SAMSON and GITZAGUKLA tour Econic Pod #1 on the SAMSON reservation with 420 Founder Jeff Mooij.

First Nations Projects.

Econic and Canadian First Nation communities are proud to bring back the basics of health and wellness along with career and employment opportunities to the bands.

Situated on First Nation land, pods are supplied and guided by Econic to ensure successful and sustainable operations. Pod construction, transport, management, technical ops, security, and product marketing are all included in First Nation arrangements. A key project mandate is to establish career employment for Band members, hiring and training locally from the inception of the pod through the life of the project.  Econic’s contribution of resources, equipment, technology and expertise is driven by the goal to have community partners independently manage and expand with the entire operation.

“We provide the entire pod package to ensure both a successful operation and profitability,” adds Eno. “The pods will grow cannabis initially because there’s a strong market for it.  Greens and produce production are also on the roadmap whenever the owners want to expand.”

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Maskwacis, Central AB

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Maskwacis, Central AB

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of the Gitxsan Nation, Northern BC

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Econic Pod 1.

Brad Baptiste Sr., Operator of Nosim’s Construction Group and Spokesperson for Econic Pod 1, is excited to be working with Econic on his home on the Samson Cree Nation.
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"This project lets us make the most of our land while respecting Mother Earth and our people.  

Our unemployment up here is ridiculous. I’m known for bringing work and opportunity to our community so setting up this Econic pod operation makes really good sense. It also honours my traditions and will let me realize my dreams for my Nosims, my grandchildren.  

Once we harvest the first cannabis pod, I’ll be ready to add additional pods. Cannabis (or Grandmother’s medicine as we know it), can provide a lot of medicinal benefits to people so I’m happy about that. And I’ve always had a dream to produce and sell local, organic fruits and vegetables - we’ll add those to the program as soon as we can.  I’m really excited. Econic is making a lot of things possible for a lot of First Nations people.”

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